Pneumatic Clamps with Copper Backup Shoes

  • Available in sizes 8″-60″
  • Clamps 12″-60″ will cover two pipe sizes by use of conversion kits
  • Standard clamps are adjustable up to .500 wall thickness, modified clamps are available for heavier wall pipe.
  • Powered travel drive available for heavier wall pipe.
  • For efficient operation, the comperssed air pressure should be 180-200 PSI. (12.4-13.8 Bar)
  • Maximum safe working pressure is 225 PSI (15.5 Bar)
  • Dual side drive, capability of 35 degree grade
  • Cement mortar lining compatibility
  • Additional reach rod
  • Vertical operation facility
  • Stainless steel pipe compatibility
  • De-icers
  • Storage skid